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In school, establishing routines is the challenging work of a new school year, as entire classes enter new rooms and learn new ways of doing things. We expect about six weeks for teachers to establish the basic classroom and school structures in order for the classes to get in full swing. True, other subjects begin to unfold throughout that time, but without the foundation of community building, listening, caring for our own learning and for each other, classrooms cannot become the exciting, engaging, happy places that we seek. Please help your child and yourself be patient as teachers establish these routines. The rich curriculum that we are known for is coming. 

On the topic of structures, and after much staff discussion, we have come up with arrival routines we feel address student needs and safety concerns.  During school hours (8:10 am to 2:34 pm), it is Ivanhoe’s policy that we are a secured campus. With that in mind, the following rules need to be honored:


  • PLEASE say goodbye to your students on the lower yard.  It is difficult to secure the campus when we delay goodbyes for those 5-10 minutes as we walk up the ramps.  This goes for classes on the lower yard as well.  It is often near impossible for Rooms 15-19 to get into classrooms with all the last minute goodbyes.


  • After 8:15, the dragon gate near the office is an emergency exit only- all visitors, volunteers and late students need to enter and exit through the main office.


  • All visitors/volunteers need either a volunteer badge or a yellow visitor pass before entering the campus. If you are volunteering in a class in the morning, please sign in before you begin your volunteer time.


  • Students who are part of Beyond The Bell are required to check in with Ms. Izzy. Students MUST ALWAYS notify her when they are leaving the lower yard. There is no supervision on other parts of the campus, including the front lawn, and it is dangerous for students to be wandering around the school unsupervised.


It is Paying Off! http://schools.latimes.com/test-scores-2015/?q=LAUSD&p=1&c=math_met_standards_or_above&o=desc The money FOI raises helpsIvanhoe maintain and enrich the academic programs that have made our school one of the most successful in the LAUSD.  Our students’ math and english scores on last year’s challenging state-wide tests showed that our students are learning their lessons and retaining knowledge (LA Times, How Did Your School Do? 9/9/2015).  We are proud of these scores and the work we do teaching and supporting our students. FOI’s efforts provide aids in crowded classrooms and keep academic support experts like Ms. Aung in our school to help give each student what they need to learn and thrive. That’s where our fundraising efforts are going and it really is paying off for our students.
Be A Friend to Our Classrooms and Library

Ms. Aung will be training volunteers to level classroom and library books.  Completing this process will give our students opportunities to select books that are just right for their independent reading level. Trainings will take place on the next several Tuesday mornings at 8:30am in the library.  You only need to attend one to be ready to work on the leveling project.

September is Annual Giving Month — Give Now and Win an iPad!

If you give before the Ivanhoedown in October, you will be entered to win an iPad! FOI will have representatives in the lower yard by snack shack booth every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning for the month of September. We’ll be there to answer your questions, listen to your suggestions, accept your checks, or enroll you in monthly giving. Let’s reach half of our $450,000 goal by the end of September! Please come by and visit-we need to do this together!

You use the Safety Valet? No worries! Make your donation here:


Snack Shack is Back! Starting this coming Wednesday, 9/16, we will be on the lower yard selling snacks for $1 each.  The students love Snack Shack and it is a terrific fundraiser for our school.  And this year, we are making every effort to provide the kids with healthy snack choices that will still appeal to their discerning palate.
This year’s IvanhoeDown is on Saturday, October 24th and there are many fun opportunities to volunteer.  Start saving your old stuffed animals and wine bottles to be used at special booths. Help make this spook-tacular event happen by working a shift at the Hoedown, baking a cake for the cake walk, responding to the request for donations that your room parents will send, and bringing your friends and family to the main event! Email Kathryn Queen atkathryn.queen@icloud.com with questions.
“Education Rocks 2,” featuring Wayward Sons, the awesome 80s rock tribute band, will take place at the Viper Room in West Hollywood on Saturday, September 26th at 10pm. Tickets can be purchased for $10 in advance or at the door.  It’s a benefit so buy tickets in case you can make it! Join other Ivanhoe parents and bring all of your friends, or make your date night a benefit for your school. Proceeds from this night of singing, dancing, and drinking will be shared with Friends of Ivanhoe.Use this link to hyperlink to buy tickets

Use Our Amazon Link to Shop for School and Sports Supplies
Don’t forget to use the (a) amazon link on the right top of every page of our school web site to do your school and sports shopping. Share this link with your friends and family and help us earn thousands of dollars for Ivanhoe.


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