9/7 – 9/11 Eblast

Message from the Principal
Dear Families,
One of the themes that we spend much of our teaching time delving into is the meaning of community. Beginning in kindergarten, we talk about the community of the classroom.  As students mature, we begin to talk about the community of the school and how we share in the defining of that community. We talk about responsibility and voice and respect.
But a school community is more than just the students and parents that inhabit 2828 Herkimer’s space.  It includes families and neighbors that have and will continue to support Ivanhoe for years to come.  These neighbors look out for our children’s safety, watch over our school when we are not in session, endure our morning rituals. Of late, however, these same gracious, patient neighbors have been greeted with a level of rudeness and disrespect that is alarming. U-turns that are breathtakingly dangerous have become common. In our great hurry to get to work or to drop off a child, cars are parked in driveways or double-parked, blocking necessary emergency access to the school and neighborhood. While these may seem like small inconveniences, they are often coupled with profanity and aggression when a friendly comment is offered. These same neighbors should not be insulted when they ask a driver to slow down, they should be lauded.  These are OUR children for whom they are advocating.
The Ivanhoe mission statement reads, “We, as Ivanhoe scholars, believe that it is our personal responsibility to use our creativity and passion for learning in the service of our community.”  This may a lofty goal, but we have great trust that our children will live up to this ideal.  If we can expect this of our children, we cannot have lower expectations for ourselves.
–Ms. Rescia




Ivanhoe Swag for Sale 9/8

Bring your cash, credit cards or checks to school this week to sign up for annual giving and buy your Ivanhoe gear. The Swag Wagon will be set up outside the main entrance this Tuesday, September 8th.



September is Annual Giving Month — Give Now and Win an iPad!

If you give before the Ivanhoedown in October, you will be entered to win an iPad! FOI will have representatives in front of school every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning for the month of September. We’ll be there to answer your questions, listen to your suggestions, accept your checks, or enroll you in monthly giving. Let’s reach half of our $450,000 goal by the end of September! Please come by and visit-we need to do this together!

You use the Safety Valet? No worries! Make your donation here:





Ivanhoedown Saturday, October 24th -Volunteers Needed! 

This yearʼs IvanhoeDown is on Saturday, October 24th and there are so many fun opportunities to volunteer. We will have a haunted house, crafts featuring pumpkin painting, games, grilling, a bake sale with caramel apples, live bands, a dance floor, a costume party and much more. This is Ivanhoeʼs biggest event of the year and lending a hand is a great way to get involved and meet new friends. We need help with the following Chair Positions:

Bake Sale
Cake Walk

If you can help make this spectacular event happen by chairing one of the committees listed, email Kathryn Queen at kathryn.queen@icloud.com .




Library Help 9/8-9/10

Come help label and sort books in the library so that they can be made ready for our students. Email Pia Ricci if you can helppia.ricci@gmail.com