Prime Time Sports Camp is now at Ivanhoe Elementary.  Monday - Friday until 6:00 pm for $295.00 a month.  Please download and fill out the following form and submit it to the office.

For more information call Prime Time at (310) 838-7872 or visit our website.

K I Mr. Velazquez


K I Ms. Whitten
1 I Mr. Bartoletti
1 I Ms. Chough
1 I Ms. Sekiguchi
2 I Ms. Puentes
2 I Ms. Safford
2 I Ms. Smith-Reynolds
3 I Ms. Demirdjian
3 I Ms. Oricoli
3 I Ms. Ortiz
4 I Ms. Flynn
4 I Ms. Hoene
5 I Mr. Santiesteban
2 I Ms. Chan
Ms. Rescia
Mr. Bird
5 I Ms. Zamora
K I Ms. Morris
Mr. Aleman

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