Arts & Music

Visual Arts



The Arts are an essential part of the Ivanhoe Elementary experience. Through a combination of district-sponsored and parent-provided opportunities, Ivanhoe students are immersed in integrated curricula that include music, fine art, and movement.


Visual arts programs are provided by both classroom teachers throughout the school year and in 10-week sessions with Ms. Dana Bradley, our visual arts instructor. Students learn about a variety or art mediums and techniques, art history, and artistic traditions from around the world.


Music at Ivanhoe is provided by our beloved and talented music instructor Randy Dreyfuss, author of our school song, and the foundation for joyful appreciation of music at our school. Our school song can be heard at every assembly and special event at school.  In the fall, Mr. Dreyfuss teaches two songs to every grade in preparation for the spectacular annual Holiday Show.  In addition, Mr. Dreyfuss hosts a drumming circle during lunch and in years past, an after school choir.