Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Ivanhoe Elementary 2016 – 2017 school year. Ivanhoe has, since its inception in 1889, consistently provided outstanding public education to the children of this unique and special community, making it one of the city’s oldest and best public schools. Ivanhoe has built a reputation as a school that soars because of parent interest and involvement, and your decision to attend Ivanhoe indicates your commitment to public education. Academically, it is among the highest-rated elementary schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District. With just 450 students and 18 teachers, we’re a small, tight-knit community school that reflects the diversity of the surrounding neighborhood.

Think about this unique school – a place where our children are well educated and safe, a place that encourages community and friendship. Our children’s welfare unites us all.

FOI: friends of  IVANHOE is you!!!

Ivanhoe is part of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and as a result is subject to the budgetary shortfalls that face all schools in the district. In fact, because we are neither a magnet nor a Title I school, we receive even less money than most. And this problem gets worse every year. The primary way we manage these considerable fiscal challenges is through the efforts of the Friends of Ivanhoe (FOI).

Friends of Ivanhoe (FOI) is a booster organization founded by parents in 1994 to help raise funds to meet those fiscal challenges and provide our community’s children with the best education possible. It is an organization open to all Ivanhoe parents and community members.

You can help Friends of Ivanhoe in two very important ways: VOLUNTEER & DONATE FUNDS. 100% participation is our goal. Let’s do everything possible to uphold Ivanhoe’s legacy!

 FOI 2016-2017 BOARD

Friends of Ivanhoe is all of us in the Ivanhoe community. If you are a parent at Ivanhoe, you are part of FOI. The board is elected each year in the spring. Officers serve a maximum of two years. If you are interested in learning more about the board or being on the board, we would love your help. Please email with your inquiry.

All board positions are currently co-positions. The 2017-2018 board is as follows:

Incoming Co-Presidents

Lisa Fedak and Abbey DiGregorio

Co-Vice Presidents

Amy Davilla and Jenna Cros


Susanna Storm and Katherine Randazzo


Jango Sircus and Christine Rhoden


September 11, 2015

October 14, 2015

November 15, 2015

December 10, 2015


2015-2016 Room Parent Contact List

2015-2016 Committee Chairs

Friends of Ivanhoe is a 501 (c)(3) established to support Ivanhoe’s Academic Excellence



Did you know that there is $1,100 funding gap per student? We need to raise $465,000 to maintain Ivanhoe’s excellence. Please take this opportunity to give. GIVE ONE TIME, OR GIVE MONTHLY, BUT PLEASE SUPPORT OUR STUDENTS!


Why is full participation important? Because every Ivanhoe family is a stakeholder. So be active, put your money where your mouth is, show your kids you’re invested in their school — the place where they spend every day!

Ask your family, friends, make a donation in honor of someone. All donations are fully tax deductible.


Did you know that you can earn money for Ivanhoe just by shopping? Passive giving is super easy. You shop, and the places you support give to Ivanhoe. Check out our DRAGON DOLLARS page to learn more.



Take a look at this pdf that explains why we raise funds and where the funds go.



Download this calendar so you won’t miss any great events or important meetings.



Every year Friends of Ivanhoe organize events to help fill the annual drive gap. These events also help strengthen our community. We call these events FUNRaisers. Check out this years events on our FUNRaising page.