Hurricane victims need our help in Texas and Florida

Rescue workers help residents escape flood waters in Houston, TX.


4 ways to help victims in Texas and Florida


No. 1 — Send school supplies and clothing

The Houston Independent School District

The Houston Independent School District is accepting children’s clothing of all sizes (clean and in good condition), school uniforms and school supplies.  Clothing and supplies can be sent directly to:

Delmar Stadium
2020 Mangum Road
Houston, TX 77092

Florida schools: Coming soon

No. 2 — Support a charity working for relief 


Florida: Coming soon


No. 3 — Donate diapers

From NPR: “As Harvey delivers its wrath to the Gulf area, relief organizations are stepping in to provide assistance to thousands of evacuees. They’re providing food, water and shelter. But one thing that they don’t always provide are diapers. That can be a real problem for parents of young children.” That means, diaper donations would be greatly appreciated by anyone with a young child.

No. 4 — Help homeless pets







Thanks for all your support!