Literacy Support






Ivanhoe students are fortunate to have a terrific library on our campus, right off of the main corridor.  Every student has the opportunity to visit the library with their class, and the library is open to students during lunch and after school, for research, to do homework, or to relax and enjoy quiet reading time.


Checkout Policy:

In order to check out materials from the Ivanhoe Library, a student must have returned a Library Consent form signed by a parent or guardian. A new consent form must be signed each school year.

We have a tiered check-out policy which reflects the increased level of responsibility we expect from the students as they move through the grade levels. All books are checked out for a two-week period, however  many students prefer to return their books weekly so that they can check out new books each week.

Kindergarten students are allowed to check out one book per week for classroom use only and are not allowed to take library books home.


1st grade students are allowed to check out two books at a time, one of which must be at an appropriate level for practicing their reading skills.

2nd grade students have a two book limit.

3nd grade students have a three book limit.

4th grade students have a four book limit.

5th grade students have a five book limit.



Students are allowed to renew a book a maximum of two times, unless someone else is waiting for that book. Books on our most popular subjects, such as Star Wars and origami, are frequently not renewable due to holds.


Overdue Policy:

The Ivanhoe library does not charge late fines. However, since we believe it is important to develop a sense of responsibility about shared resources, there are consequences to having a very overdue book. If a student has a book that is 2 weeks or more overdue, his or her check-out privileges will be suspended until the book is returned or, if it is lost, replaced.


Lost / Damaged Books:

Students (and their families) are responsible for replacing books that have been lost or damaged while checked out to them, either by paying the amount needed to replace the book or by purchasing a replacement book that has been approved by Miss Heather. Books that have sustained significant water damage – even if they have dried out – are considered too damaged to use and need to be replaced. Please be careful with water bottles in backpacks.

Check out Ms. Nava’s Wish List’s 1st and Kinder2nd and 3rd Grade4th and 5th Grade to donate books to Ivanhoe’s library (and using AmazonSmile, Ivanhoe earns money as well)!