Support our soccer team for the Superclassico 2016!

Los Silver Lake Invitational


Each year, dedicated adults from the Ivanhoe and Franklin school communities spend months practicing in order to face each other in a fierce soccer match, affectionately called the Los Silver Lake Invitational, or sometimes the Silverlake Superclassico. This community event raises funds to support both schools, and has evolved to include other local schools as well, including Micheltorena, Marshall High School, and King Middle School.  Please help support Ivanhoe by sponsoring the team or the player(s) of your choice here.


Our goal for this fundraiser is to raise $30,000. Proceeds raised by the Soccer Superclassico will be used to fund art, music, PE, teacher aids, technology, and literacy support at our school. You can either make an online donation to the team or your favorite player(s) or you can pledge by check or cash. You can drop off your donation at Friends of Ivanhoe box at Ivanhoe in the office. Make checks out to Friends of Ivanhoe and write Soccer Superclassico and the name of the participant or team you are sponsoring in the “memo” section of the check.You can mail checks to:

Friends of Ivanhoe
P.O. Box 39985 Griffith Station
Los Angeles, CA 90039-0985


The event will be held on Saturday, February 13th, 2016 at Marshall High School field beginning at 10am, with an early match between Marshall and King, activities for kids, and the marquis match at 12 noon.  Join us for post-game jubilation immediately after the game.



  • Adam Somilleda
  • Alberto Valenzuela
  • Alexander Aleman
  • Amanda Foushee
  • Beto Costa
  • Dalmo Ribeiro
  • Daniel Chamberlain
  • Daniel Seta
  • Daniel MacDonald
  • David Panameno
  • David Han
  • David de Souza
  • Davidoff Natale
  • Dax Zimmerman
  • Dimitrious Gatsiounis
  • Elizabeth Janss
  • Erik Grammer
  • Florent Cros
  • Gage Crump
  • Gar Ryness
  • Grace Lin
  • Graeme Joyce
  • Heidi Ford
  • Hilary Read
  • Hunt Baldwin
  • Jango Sircus
  • Jason Farrell
  • Jen Almiron
  • Jennie Chamberlain
  • Jennifer Giancola
  • Jin Jung
  • Joe Mellis
  • John Gumina
  • John Yum
  • Josh Stamberg
  • Julie Panameno
  • McShane Murnane
  • Michael Nicholls
  • Michael Waldinger
  • Mickey Barda
  • Nicholas Hipolito
  • Oren Uriel
  • Pennel Bird
  • Peter Flinkenberg
  • Rafael Jimenez
  • Randy Sklar
  • Ryan Yanagita
  • Samuel Ohanesian
  • Swami Venuturupalli
  • Tom Chilcoat
  • Woody Thompson