Mother’s Day is around the corner

Please remember to order your Mother’s Day flowers through e-Scrip.
Ivanhoe Elementary will receive up to 12% from your purchase.They deliver Nationwide!

This is how:
1.     Go to and sign-in (If you haven’t registered any of your debit or credit cards please do that first)
2.     Click on the “online mall”
3.     Click on “Shops”
4.     Scroll down and select the category “Flowers & Gifts”
5.     You will then be able to select from the different shops for gifts or flowers
(If you see a scissors icon, that means that you’ll also get a coupon)
6.     Click on “SHOP NOW!” and enjoy.

eScrip Dining: Plans to take your mom out for Brunch/Lunch/Dinner?
Three easy steps:

Sign up with eScrip and register your credit and/or debit cards.
To register visit:
Look on eScrip Dining (link below) for over 11,000 participating restaurants, bars, or clubs by zip code
Visit or carry out from your pick
Remember to pay with the debit or credit card you registered with eScrip
Ivanhoe Elementary will receive 2.5% in contributions
An additional 2.5% will be given to Ivanhoe when you complete the reviews of the restaurant.

Note: In the weeks to follow after your visit you will receive an e-mail to rate and review your experience at the restaurant. Submit your review for a total of 5% in contributions to Ivanhoe.

Thank you to all those families who have been participating through eScrip.