Principal’s Message

June 5, 2017

It’s been a full year, a year of many learnings.  We continued to unpack the challenge of Reader’s Workshop, watched and listened to our students talk in depth about characters and complicated plots and approach the process of reading in new and thoughtful ways. We published stories, wrote essays and poems, and began to think about our opinions as we wrote to persuade.  We built skills, solved complicated math problems and argued the validity of our answers. We continue to approach a new ways of talking and listening to one another with our Way of Council.  We sculpted, collaged, painted and created works of imagination as we explored the visual arts.  We danced and sang. We drummed and discoed. We made new friendships, rekindled old friendships, and, as we approach the end of this school year, say goodbye to some dear friends. We worked together raising funds and, in all that, we had fun.

On Thursday, we will travel to Marshall High School to culminate our 5th grade students, a tradition that is sure to bring a few tears. I have watched these students over the past few weeks.  They are such a marvelous combination of cheeky self-assurance mixed with more than a hint of trepidation as they begin to consider the ‘what comes next?.

I can clearly remember the moment my daughter walked down the aisle at Marshall.  I was proud, teary, and hoping that we, myself, my husband, the dedicated teachers who had guided her 180 days a year for six long years, had provided the foundation that she would need in the vulnerable years of adolescence. In hindsight, she was immensely prepared. In hindsight, adolescence is just like Ivanhoe. It has full years, years of many learnings.

I know I speak for the entire Ivanhoe staff when I say thank you for a wonderful year. I wish you rest, reading, and a blissful summer.

–Ms. Rescia