Principal’s Message

December 3, 2017

Every week I share a note with the students. I want them to start their week focused, perhaps for only a minute or two, on some aspect of their community, something in their class, perhaps their friendships. This week I shared the following, a moment, really, in an otherwise too busy week.

This week I was walking down the hall with two first-grade students from Mr. B’s class when we happened upon the stump of a jade plant along the side of the courtyard railing. The courtyard is a tough place for plants to grow.  After school students assemble on the stage, waiting for their Prime Time coaches to lead them to their activities. Later in the afternoon there are always activities that spill into the planted areas along the walls and the halls. Plants here need to be strong willed to survive all the other strong wills that frequent that space.  
But during the school day, the courtyard is quiet, with an occasional pair of Kindergarten students scurrying about. Sometimes the quiet allows you to see things that you normally don’t see, which was the case for the first graders and me. There, creeping out from the side of what looked like a dead jade plant was this tiny bit of new growth. It would be easy to miss but for what seemed its determination to survive. The three of us were held there for the longest moment, appreciating the wonder of the little shoot.

There are many beautiful places around our campus that hold these little wonders. Our Reading Garden is a science lab just waiting for curious scientists.  The Rowena fence is graced with plants and charts and special requests to tread lightly and be left clean. Our school rules guide us on how to be responsible in our garden areas. The rules say to be gentle with our plants and trees.

 Next week we will present our holiday program, Past and Presents. This week maybe we can preview the show watching with wonder our garden’s simple gifts.

Lynda M. Rescia