Principal’s Message

October 15, 2017

A few weeks ago our 4th and 5th graders stood in front of the school community, giving speeches to mark the culmination of their campaigns for officers in Ivanhoe’s Student Council.  Each year this annual ritual is much anticipated, with posters strategically placed around campus as a lead-up to the ‘Speech Assembly’. Each year the speeches get a bit shorter, the writing more humorous and the speeches have decidedly better hooks. This year there were promises for more Spirit Days, a suggestion of a school pool, and I am sure there was at least one idea for longer recesses.

Last Wednesday evening a group of fourteen former Ivanhoe students sat on a panel representing their current middle schools. It is a yearly parent meeting that I look forward to as it gives me a chance to visit with these former students, to bear witness to who they are becoming.  Each year I am awed by their poise, their honesty, their thoughtfulness, and their humor.

I mention these different events because they are parts of a continuum of a child’s life that have nothing to do with academics or grades or whether they can catch a football or kick a soccer ball. These events are about who our children are becoming as young people, how they are beginning to see themselves as citizens, beginning to understand what it means to possibly impact another’s life.  These children are beginning to see themselves as members of a community, and as such, beginning to develop long lasting ties. In a culture that places much value on competition, winning and merit, it is hard to keep perspective, to see these other aspects of value. For me, these are just moments of great pride.

Lynda M. Rescia