Student Directory

Friends of Ivanhoe maintains an online student directory that is available only to families of students currently registered at Ivanhoe Elementary School as well as the school faculty and staff.

If you have received an email with login information for the King online directory, you can access the directory online or on a mobile device:

All students and families who are listed in the directory can be viewed only by current Ivanhoe parents and faculty members. If you do not want other registered Ivnahoe families to be able to view your family’s contact information, be sure to update the Display Options for your family (My Family) under the My Account menu on the right hand corner of the screen. You can choose to hide your family completely or opt to hide your phone number, email address, and/or mailing address.

Not sure your information is in the directory?

If you don’t have login information or if you’re not sure your student/family is listed in the directory, click here. At the bottom of the page, you can enter your last name and email address.

  • If you see a message that says you’re already in the system, click here to log into the directory. You can select to have your password sent to you.
  • If your family is not in the directory, follow the instructions to enter your student and family information.