Vision Statement



Vision Statement


Ivanhoe is a stimulating learning environment emphasizing academic achievement, critical thinking, and interpersonal growth through an active learning process.  It is an environment of creativity, mutual respect, and equal partnership within both the school and the community.  Our students will carry and share their passion for learning throughout their lives.


Ivanhoe School is a safe, family-like, diverse learning community.  Because of our smallness, and because of the teaming models used, teachers usually know every child at their grade level, not just those in their homerooms.  There is a close-knit, nurturing environment, where students feel comfortable asking questions, sharing ideas and finished products, and taking risks – behaviors that serve them well as life-long learners and productive citizens.  Every child is important.  The fact that older students come back often to volunteer in classrooms or play after school demonstrates that they feel Ivanhoe is their home forever, even after they graduate.


Ivanhoe’s student body is a microcosm of its neighborhood, Silver Lake.  This is one of the most diverse corners of Los Angeles.  The children represent a spectrum of socio-economic levels, ethnicities, cultures, and home languages.  Twelve languages are represented in this year’s student body of 365.  A natural part of our school environment, teachers and students treat diversity as a learning tool.  Students’ backgrounds, traditions, and families become part of the curriculum, in intentional and in incidental ways.  Students’ acceptance of others, and knowledge of world cultures is enhanced by their daily interactions, by the built-in multiculturalism on the playground and in the classroom.


There are high academic and social expectations for all.  Students participate in activities requiring self-reflection and goal-setting.  Staff models and facilitates enthusiasm for learning and reading; strategies for conflict resolution; and camaraderie.  We integrate character education into our curriculum.  A monthly character trait, such as respect or responsibility, is woven into lessons, literature, assignments, and assemblies.


Strong performing and visual arts programs reinforce the avenues and values of self-expression.  Our physical education program emphasizes the lifelong benefits of teamwork, effort, exercise, and nutrition.  Use of Daily Planners and other similar tools demonstrates our commitment to helping students become organized, long-term planners, learners, and thinkers.

Parent involvement is a significant part of our school culture.  Parents are present on campus at all times, volunteering in classrooms, attending meetings, planning fundraisers, cheering on their children in performances, taking on landscaping or clean-up projects and staffing special events.  The workroom is usually a beehive of volunteers, cutting, folding, laminating, and photocopying.


In Los Angeles, the second largest American city, Ivanhoe is our village.  It is an eclectic community of learners, friends, and colleagues.  It is a family.