Annual Giving



  What is Annual Giving?

Formerly known as the Committee to Preserve Ivanhoe’s Excellence (CPIE), the Annual Giving Committee is an informal, grassroots parent-awareness committee that arose in spring of 2007 in response to impending education budget cuts. Knowing that Ivanhoe would be directly affected, parents mobilized, spread the word, rallied in Sacramento, and ultimately raised enough funds in several short months to save three critical coaching positions. Now called Annual Giving, this program raises funds directly from the community to cover needs which are consistently under-funded or ignored by the LAUSD and state budgets. We are committed to ongoing action to ensure that the quality of our children’s education is protected.


 Why We Fundraise

The mission of FOI is to facilitate raising money for programs and services that are otherwise not provided for by LAUSD. Ivanhoe does not qualify for Title I funds that typically benefit other public schools.  Ivanhoe is simply not given enough money by the district to pay for the things we have come to expect for our children’s education. This puts the onus of fund raising for basic student needs, such as teacher aides, academic advisors, the physical education program, and literacy support, solely on the shoulders of FOI. And since FOI is all of us, we are all responsible for this aspect of our children’s experience. Be part of the Ivanhoe family and support our public school through our annual giving campaign. Support Us!

To ensure we do not lose essential programs, a donation of $1,200 per child per year is encouraged. The amount gifted by each family is a highly personal decision and is kept completely confidential. The generous donations made each year by Ivanhoe families maintain Ivanhoe’s high academic standards.

100% participate is our goal.



 How do I donate to Annual Giving?

The easiest way to donate is online. You can donate onetime, monthly or even quarterly.


If you’d like to donate by check, please pay to Friends of Ivanhoe School and include the name of your child/children on the memo line.  You can drop your check in the FOI mailbox, located in the school office.

We are a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization and donations are tax-deductible.

Thank you for helping Ivanhoe Elementary!


 Where do the funds raised go?

Essential staff and programs are funded by FOI.

 Dragon Calendar

Wondering what other events are going to help raise funds? Download the Dragon Calendar today!