How to Donate to Ivanhoe

Did you know that there is $1,200 funding gap per student, per year? Without your donations to FOI there would be no:

  • Technology Program

  • Fine Arts Instruction

  • Dance Instruction

  • Physical Education Program

  • Music Program

  • Teachers’ Assistants

  • Academic Intervention

  • Extended hours for the Library

  • Professional Development

  • Field Trips

All children deserve the education Ivanhoe provides and it takes all of us, giving what we can, to make this happen at our school.


You can donate yearly, quarterly, or monthly online to our Annual Give Campaign. A donation of $100 per child per month is encouraged, but any amount is appreciated. Ask your family and friends, or make a donation in honor of someone. FOI is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible.

Many employers offer matching gift programs, including Bank of America, Benevity, Capital Group, Disney, Edison, Morgan Stanley, Netflix, SanDisk, Time Warner, Toyota and more.  We hope you will consider asking your employer if they offer something like this. FOI can provide donation letters and any additional information needed to facilitate the process of applying.

Passive Giving

You can earn money for Ivanhoe just by shopping. Passive giving is super easy. You shop, and the places you support give to Ivanhoe.


Friends of Ivanhoe hosts several “fun-raising” events throughout the year that help raise money for Ivanhoe and also help foster school community in fun ways: The popular Halloween-themed IvanHoedown, stylish Sample Sale, intramural Soccer Tournament, all-ages Hoops Classic, lively Spring Auction, and Fitness Fest are just a few. See our Glossary of Events to learn more.

Please join us for these events and invite your friends and family to share in the fun to support programming at Ivanhoe.