For over 125 years, Ivanhoe has been an anchor of the Silver Lake community as one of the oldest continually operating elementary schools in California.

Before our neighborhood was called Silver Lake, it was known as Ivanhoe. Its name came from a resident in the 19th century, a Scotsman named Hugo Reid, who was reminded of his homeland by the rolling green hills of the area. Reid was inspired by the works of Sir Walter Scott, particularly by the Scottish author’s 1820 novel, Ivanhoe, set in neighboring England in the 12th century.

Many of the streets in Silver Lake have names that relate to Scott’s novels. For instance, Rowena, which borders the school’s campus, is named after Lady Rowena, the great love of Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe. Other streets recall places in Scotland, like Angus, Ben Lomond, and Hawick. Some are derived from characters in medieval folklore. St. George Street is named after St. George, the patron saint of England and a number of other countries, who, according to legend, defeated a fearsome dragon. That’s why our school is called Ivanhoe and our mascot is a dragon.