Safety Valet

To keep the safety valet running safely and smoothly, we must follow some simple guidelines. Please look at the map below to see how traffic must flow.

And remember—let’s maintain the convenience of morning drop-off while also respecting our neighbors.

Morning drop-off route

Morning drop-off route

Consider becoming a volunteer for the safety valet. It is the easiest ongoing commitment you can make to the school with regard to time and effort. It will leave you feeling good every time you do it, and it makes a measurable, immediate, and obvious difference. Plus, it is fun.

We ask that volunteers commit to the Safety Valet Line one morning a week from 7:45am to 8:15am. Kick in a half-hour of high-energy service to the community. You can also split the job: Alternate weeks with your wife, husband, partner, co-parent, or imaginary friend.  (Not really the last one, but you know what I mean.) There is also a certification process required, but that process is quite easy, cursory even. You can fill out the form in the school’s front office and bring your driver’s license.